Product Returns

Return of goods and refund of payment

The customer is entitled to a return any products received within 14 calendar days and request a refund. Note that date of delivery refers to the date displayed on the courier company delivery receipt and returns will be accepted fourteen (14) days thereafter.

  • For goods returned within Greece (as with order changes) an additional charge of 3.50 applies for the customer.
  • Return of goods from overseas locations carry an additional charge for the customer.

In any event, goods must be returned in the condition received by the customer - that is to say,

  • products must not be damaged and in their accompanying packaging
  • products must be in their factory packaging, including any cardboard boxes or plastic wrapping
  • products returned must include any documentation of purchase for example, receipts, invoices etc

Returns of orders that meet the above criteria may be received by us for replacement once the customer contacts our customer service department, otherwise our company reserves the right not to accept returns.

Return of products is simple and can only occur after telephone arrangements are made on 698 506 3723 or 694 403 2551. In short, the procedure by which goods may be returned is as follows: Once the customer has contacted our offices, goods are returned in their packaging via the ΕLTΑ COURIER company at no extra charge. Upon receipt of returned goods, our staff examine the products to ensure the abovementioned criteria are met. New products are sent to the customer for which an additional cost of €3.50 is charged. Should another courier company be preferred by the customer, will not cover the cost of shipping products and will take no responsibility for possible delays in estimated time of receipt of goods via this courier service.

Note that products of the same value may be exchanged and that the additional cost mentioned above applies. In the event that the product you have chosen carries a lower price that of the initial product returned, you will be issued a customer voucher equal to the difference in value. Cash refunds are not made by our company.

In the event of a return of goods following an in-store pickup, arrangements are to be made by phone and the new product is sent by our company to the customer via our associate courier at a charge of €3.50, equivalent to the shipping costs charged by the courier.

Return of faulty or damaged goods

In the event that proven liability lies with for the sale of faulty or poor quality goods, error in the delivery of products, invoicing error, poor handling and shipping of damaged goods, poor quality packaging etc, then will provide a full replacement or full refund of amount paid for the order and the cost of return shipping (whereby the full amount will be deposited in a bank account indicated by the customer).

Clear and detailed photographs of damaged or poor quality goods must be emailed to as proof of damage or poor condition for the relevant department to examine thoroughly before a refund or replacement can be arranged. If products are returned and the aforementioned procedure is not followed, the customer will pay the full cost of return of goods, including any additional charges as our company reserve the right to refuse to accept returned goods. The terms of return remain as above.

Order cancellation and right of withdrawal

The customer may cancel an order when the following circumstances arise:

  • Before the order is dispatched: – Cancellations may be made via email to or by telephoning 698 506 3723 or 694 4032 551 on week days Monday to Friday 9:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00.
  • In the event that a cancellation occurs after the order is dispatched, the customer is charged €7, equivalent to the fee for shipping of products (€3.50) and their return to our premises (€3.50).
  • Customers are also entitled to withdraw fourteen (14) calendar days following receipt of goods. Understandably, the terms of returning faulty or damaged goods must apply for the customer to be entitled to cancel or withdraw.
  • Within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of order the customer is entitled to return products and receive a full refund of amount paid. Refunds are always based on initial price of goods, excluding €7 for shipping costs (€3.50 for dispatch and €3.50 for return of products), which is the amount that the customer would not have been charged had the order not been cancelled. Deposits of money refunded are made within fourteen (14) working days of receipt of returned order and only on condition that terms applying to return of damaged goods are met.

Please note that refunds are made only when the customer is entitled to right of withdrawal. In the event that an exchange of goods is arranged for products of lower value you are entitled to a discount voucher for the amount equal to the amount that remains, excluding the amount of €3.50 for shipping costs.

In all circumstances, including that of product exchange, if the customer requires the services of a different courier company other than those of our associate courier ΕLTΑ COURIER, the customer is liable to pay €3.50 for products to be dispatched and €3.50 for their return.

If orders are made and receipt of delivery is refused by the customer, full shipping costs, i.e. €7 (3.50 for dispatch and 3.50 for their return), apply.