How to order

Receipt and processing of orders

Order requests are processed in the steps outlined below. Certain products advertised on our website may not be available at a given time or within the delivery time indicated. We recommend you follow these steps to ensure you are duly informed of availability of products and that your order is placed correctly.

a) Order Request for Processing

It is recommended that customers register as users of before placing their first order so that they may be promptly served by our e-shop staff. The required steps are as follows:

  • Select product(s) and add to shopping cart
  • Visit your shopping cart
  • Fill in all details of order required on order form
  • Submit/Place your order
  • Email address entered is verified before automated notification of receipt of order is sent to user. This message will contain order details and a copy will be received by our company

Existing Terms of Use associated with any mutual business transactions between our corporation and users must be read and accepted by the user before each order request is made and sent.

It is important to note that your order request is clearly subject to a thorough product availability check of items included, taking into account that at this stage we have not yet commenced processing your order.

Lastly, please be advised that our company adheres to a strict personal data protection policy and will collect and process data only after your explicit written consent is granted (via submission of order form).

b) Processing of Order Request

During this stage, our company thoroughly examines the availability of all products on your order request form.

Particularly, on condition that all products on the order request form are available for dispatch and delivery within the stipulated time and date, confirmation will be sent to the email provided on your order form and will include all relevant details. Products are then shipped to your delivery address within the stipulated delivery date via our associate courier firm (carrier).

In the event that an item on your order request is not available or will not be available within the estimated date of delivery on our e-store, you will be contacted by phone or in writing by e-mail and notified of the lack of product availability.

If, for any reason, communication with you (the customer) is infeasible via either of the abovementioned means within ten days of receipt of your order request, your request will be cancelled and a new order request will be required.

c) Phone Orders

Orders of any product of interest may be made by calling: 698 506 3723 , 694 403 2551 or the landline 26560 42840 during business hours (Mondays-Saturdays 09:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00).

Prior to making a phone order it is imperative you be aware of our company terms and policy. Upon placing your final order, ipso facto all the above conditions are acknowledged and accepted.